The Contemporary Kitchen: Leaving Room for Imagination

The Contemporary Kitchen: Leaving Room for Imagination

ecd-bloguecuisinecontemporaine2What exactly is a contemporary kitchen? It’s simply a kitchen decorated according to current tastes. As the name implies, it’s a kitchen of its time; consequently, its style evolves in keeping with the latest trends.


First and foremost, a contemporary kitchen is a functional kitchen where everything is within reach and storage is of utmost importance. As the old saying goes: a place for everything and everything in its place. It’s also a setting in which form and function come together. Your personality can shine through in the décor thanks to a wide range of options in materials, textures and design combinations.


The infinite possibilities of the contemporary kitchen


ecd-bloguecuisinecontemporaine3What better way to enhance the warmth and practicality of a contemporary kitchen than with a magnificent quartz countertop? Luxurious and easy to maintain, quartz highlights all the features of this style of kitchen. The island—always in style—not only provides you with additional storage space, but can also serve as a lunch counter. Whether topped with butcher block or outfitted with handleless drawers, the contemporary kitchen island is quite simply the center of the home. When it comes to cabinets, they can be wood, melamine or even polymer, and are available in a variety of colors and styles. And the backsplash will allow you to add a touch of elegance to your contemporary kitchen. Don’t be reluctant in daring to mix various styles and motifs! The backsplash alone can lend a contemporary feel to the room. The sink and faucet hardware are also of vital importance to the style of your kitchen and should complement your new décor.


A kitchen renovation is a difficult, complex project that requires a lot of skill and know-how. An easy option is refacing, an economical, ecological choice for your kitchen makeover. Don’t hesitate to consult specialists! At Eco Cuisine Design, our qualified personnel can advise and guide you in your approach. They’ll steer you in the right direction, in accordance with your tastes, while ensuring that all the elements are well-harmonized.

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