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Do you offer free in-home quotes?

Yes. Our kitchen designers can visit your home to evaluate your project. The first meeting can also take place at one of our showrooms. There, you will be able to see our entire product offer.

Where are your products and services available?

We can cater to most areas in the province. However, fees could apply depending on accessibility and distance.

What information must I provide at the first meeting?

Make sure that you have an idea of your budget and few magazine clippings on hand to show the style of kitchen you are looking to achieve. That information will help our advisor validate the feasibility of your project.

What are the usual delivery times?

Between two and six weeks, depending on various factors such as the time of year, specifications (standard or custom), the type of material chosen, etc. These times are calculated from the day the final measurements are taken by ECD.

How do you finish the sides when a new colour is chosen?

We use different material types to cover the sides according to the selected design.

Can I modify my current kitchen layout?

Yes. Your current kitchen layout can be modified to improve storage and configuration.

Can I add cabinets or an island to my existing kitchen?

Yes, depending on the available space.

Do you offer accessories such as new pulls, knobs, hinges, and rail systems (trash can, spice rack, etc.)?

Yes. We offer a wide range of hardware and accessories for the specific needs of your kitchen. We also have a range of sinks and ceramic backsplashes in store. Please note that the offer may vary from store to store.

Is it possible to reface wood cabinets?

Yes. We offer products compatible with your current wood cabinets to transform your kitchen and give it a new look.

I would like to keep my wood cabinets. Can you strip them and apply a new tint?

Since striped and refinished products have a low durability and a limited one-year warranty, we prefer offering you new, more durable doors that will meet your preferences and come with a 10- to 12-year warranty, depending on materials.

What materials do you provide for refacing?

Several materials are available to transform your kitchen, including polymer, polyester and melamine. The materials offered will be adapted to the needs of your new kitchen.

How much time will be needed to transform my kitchen?

The duration of the works varies between one and three days, depending on the dimensions of your kitchen and the modifications required.

I would like to change my countertop and some other elements of my kitchen. Are turnkey projects available?

Yes. We offer turnkey projects for different types of countertops, including laminate, quartz, and granite. We also have a range of sinks and ceramic backsplashes in store.

What payment methods are offered?

We accept payment by cheque, debit or credit (Visa and MasterCard).

Is financing available?

We offer financing through the Desjardins Accord D program and Crelogix.

What is the price range for a standard kitchen?

It is very difficult to evaluate costs since many factors have to be taken into account (materials, accessories, custom furnishings, etc.). Therefore, it is preferable to talk with our kitchen designers to know more about the price range for your specific project.