The Industrial-Style Kitchen

The Industrial-Style Kitchen

Would you like a new look for your kitchen? Something that will really make a difference, using things you already have? An industrial-style kitchen could satisfy your need for change, while allowing you to add a touch of style to your daily meals!

With an industrial kitchen, you can be innovative in your choice of materials and décor, going off the beaten path. Unlike a conventional kitchen, an industrial kitchen leaves plenty of room for creativity, warmly welcoming decorative elements that are reminiscent of an early twentieth-century factory. This style can also be combined with rustic elements, adding a warmer feel to the space by emphasizing the use of distressed wood or brushed metal, for example. Recovered and repurposed elements—whether furnishings or simple decorative objects—are also a special feature of this type of kitchen, not to mention the fact that you can save money, while reusing items you’re particularly fond of!

In an industrial-style kitchen, various materials are highlighted, including wood, metal, concrete and stone. The use of old-fashioned looking metal in the lighting, chairs or table legs can really help define the style of your kitchen. As for the layout, the storage spaces are open; you can use simple shelves to display your finest silverware or hang various pots, pans and even cooking utensils, making them an essential part of the décor. The use of wooden storage cabinets with big, bulky metal knobs is also perfectly appropriate in this style of kitchen.

And when it comes to plumbing fixtures, a big stainless steel sink with a rugged-looking faucet is an excellent choice. In terms of wall color, most industrial kitchens are outfitted with a faux brick or imitation wood wall, or simply a wall that’s painted black, grey or any other neutral color, accentuating the unrefined aspect of this style. No flamboyant colors here!

Your kitchen renovation is a big challenge that will give you the opportunity to put all your creativity to work. To avoid any mistakes or problems, consult the specialists at Eco Cuisine Design. They’ll skillfully guide you throughout the renovation of your industrial-style kitchen.

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