The Modern Kitchen: Your Dream Come True

The Modern Kitchen: Your Dream Come True

What is it about the modern-style kitchen that still makes people love it, even today? Created on the heels of the Industrial Revolution at the beginning of the twentieth century, the modern kitchen with its light, clean colors is streamlined and minimalist. Highly appreciated by inhabitants of Quebec for its simple esthetic and functional characteristics, the true source of its beauty is the joy its occupants bring to it. Eco Cuisine Design has succeeded in transforming the personality of these kitchens, giving them a brand-new modern look, reflecting the image of their owners, through the magic of refacing, as part of its economical, ecological renovations!


Modern kitchen: never without my island


What would a well-equipped modern kitchen be without a magnificent island? Elegant and practical, a kitchen island, the center point of your daily culinary preparations, delineates the kitchen’s meal space and its relaxation space. Additionally, thanks to its low profile, it creates a sense of openness, dissolving the barriers between the rooms of the home.


Labissonnière Chambly-après4

The advantages of the modern kitchen


Spotlight over here! The modern kitchen is filled with lustrous materials, mirrored doors and pale-colored walls with the goal of maximizing the reflection of light. To further accentuate the clean, sparkling effect, the modern kitchen is equipped with numerous hideaways to conceal all the functional accessories. The toaster and coffee maker find refuge in spacious cabinets, while cooking utensils disappear from sight to focus attention on the undermount sink (very fashionable!) and light-colored granite countertops. The knobs and handles are simple and streamlined, and the cabinets have a flat, lustrous finish, while a glass backsplash completes the room’s luminous appearance.

Cuisine contemporaine

The pleasure of treating yourself to a modern kitchen


Eco Cuisine Design is attentive to its clients: the modern kitchen, with its up-to-date furnishings and unique charm, can transform your tired, old kitchen into a mega-dose of happiness day after day! Thanks to our refacing techniques, which allow us to retain the original carcasses (the “boxes”) of your kitchen cabinets, providing an economical, ecological solution, you’ll be able to enjoy a fully-equipped modern kitchen in no time. Contact us for a free estimate!

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