Being green is our way to promote a healthy planet.

We provide a smart, fast, and cost-efficient solution.
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ECD’s big idea

Who said that renovations meant you had to knock everything down? At ECD, we believe that we can benefit from keeping what’s good. Our concept? Providing multiple options to transform your kitchen not from the ground up, but from what already exists. Our modus operandi? Quality through refacing. We keep the good materials and we change those that need to be replaced. To serve you better, our products are recycled and sustainable. By doing so, we aim at reducing the quantity of waste produced while limiting the use of additional natural resources. The ECD way is sustainable and cost-efficient, and the results are eco-friendly beautiful and functional kitchens. Isn’t that an idea to be proud of?

We see renovations in a whole new way.

In line with our dedication to the environment, we are proud to offer quality products that are some of the most eco-friendly on the market. The ECD way is simple: turning your kitchen green through ingenious refacing.

Our mission is to make you happy.

Every day, our objective is the same: making you happy with your ECD-renovated kitchen. Your greatest advantage? You save money while saving the planet—all without comprising the vision you had of your new kitchen.

Our values

Environmental responsibility
It’s no surprise that every product is carefully selected with the environment in mind.

Our team is honest and authentic, giving you the best solutions, every time.

At ECD, respect is fundamental. That’s why you will find it in every aspect of our work: materials, locations, schedule, and, most importantly, your vision.

We treat every kitchen as if it were our own.

We are always looking to outdo ourselves to serve you better.