Kitchen renovation in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu



Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu | A timeless look

The McGuire family’s kitchen has been given a new life through refacing. The old contrasting retro look was replaced by a modern, clean look with a Mediterranean feel. All of the cabinet doors were replaced with new white polymer shaker style doors with timeless handles. A new white quartz arborite countertop completes the look of this white kitchen. The family chose to add an accent of color through a new turquoise backsplash. This project demonstrates how a stylish makeover can be achieved without changing the layout of your kitchen!


Customer’s choice

Upper cabinet : Crystal white polymer 
Bottom cabinet : Crystal white polymer 
Countertop: Arborite laminated
Ceiling closure: No
New cabinet: No
Handles: Contemporary metal

Selection of accessories

Sink: Unchanged
Faucet: Unchanged
Recycling center: Simple



En plus d’envoyer tous les débris de vos anciennes cuisines dans les écocentres, nous sommes fiers de contribuer au reboisement de la planète (et plus particulièrement du Québec) grâce à notre partenariat avec Arbre-Évolution.