Refacing in Boucherville


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Your kitchen has aged over the years and now needs a rejuvenating treatment. Your residence in Boucherville would really benefit from this improvement. So are you ready to get started? Contact us at Eco Cuisine Design! It would be our pleasure to be a part of your kitchen renovation project. We’re experts in refacing and we can guide and advise you on your new project. We can make your kitchen a dream come true.


Refacing is a low-cost means of renovating your kitchen. This method enables us to use the existing carcasses (the “boxes”) of your kitchen cabinets in Boucherville, replacing only the doors and handles. You can also choose to modify the layout of your kitchen to make it more functional. The carcasses will be overlaid with a new product to modernize and update them. Add a new faucet and a new sink and you’ve got a perfectly renovated kitchen to give your residence in Boucherville renewed character and style.


The first phase consists of meeting with an Eco Cuisine Design kitchen designer. The designer will be happy to come to your residence in Boucherville to discuss your kitchen renovation needs with you and get to know your tastes. He or she can also advise you on the various products we have to offer. You’ll then be given a free estimate in accordance with your expectations and your budget. Finally, a visit to our shop will allow you to finalize your choices in facing, hardware and accessories. Once work begins on your kitchen, you’ll be amazed by how quickly it goes. In general, it takes our team only two days to complete the job, which is just one more positive aspect of refacing: the work doesn’t drag on and on!


Eco Cuisine Design is very concerned about the environment. Using the carcasses already in place in your kitchen in Boucherville helps reduce the need for new materials. What’s more, Eco Cuisine Design uses recycled materials wherever appropriate and limits waste as much as possible. As a result, your kitchen renovation project will be not only economical, but eco-responsible, too.

Eco Cuisine Design offers you a turnkey solution. Depending on your wishes, our team can install your sink, your faucets and any other accessories you may choose. Contact us today! Our top priority is to provide you with great service and help you fulfil your dream of having a modern, functional kitchen in your residence in Boucherville.