Refacing in Laval


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Are you dreaming of a new kitchen for your residence in Laval? Do you find that your current kitchen lacks vitality and you’d like to give it an air of youth? Several questions probably come to mind, specifically regarding how much such a project would cost, what the best possible layout to optimize space would be and what materials are available. Eco Cuisine Design is ready, willing and able to answer all of those questions. We specialize in kitchen refacing and can offer you service in Laval at affordable prices and in a very reasonable amount of time.


Refacing is a technique that’s being used more and more frequently these days to give a new image to a kitchen or bathroom without spending a fortune. The procedure consists of retaining the carcasses (the “boxes”) of your kitchen cabinets that are still in good condition, overlaying them with new material and replacing the doors and handles. Additional cabinets can also be added, if necessary, to make your kitchen in Laval more functional and up-to-date. Besides saving you a lot of money, this procedure is also a lot more ecological than the full replacement of all your kitchen components.


First of all, a kitchen designer will come to your home in Laval at no charge to discuss your needs and the style of kitchen you’d like. Our Eco Cuisine Design expert can advise you as to the different types of materials that are available and give you suggestions for improving the functional and esthetic aspects of your kitchen. Afterwards, the designer will be able to provide you with an estimate. You can then visit our store in order to finalize your choices in facing, hardware and so on. We’ll take care of the rest! The refacing work on your kitchen in Laval will be done quickly: generally, two days are enough time to completely transform your kitchen.


Thanks to the use of the existing cabinet carcasses in your kitchen, refacing is a very eco-responsible solution. It enables retaining existing structures so that only the outdated components of your kitchen in Laval will need to be replaced. What’s more, Eco Cuisine Design is very respectful of the environment, using recycled products and reducing waste as much as possible. Since refacing is a less costly solution, you’ll be able to afford the luxury of new countertops to treat yourself to the kitchen of your dreams. We’re eager to answer all your questions and participate in your project!