Refacing Longueuil


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The kitchen of your residence in Longueuil needs some major changes… not just a new coat of paint! You realize that your kitchen is very out of date and that a large-scale overhaul is called for. Refacing is the perfect solution for you. You can breathe new life into your kitchen without going broke. At Eco Cuisine Design, we’re experts in refacing and we’re here to guide you in your kitchen renovation project. Would you like a more modern kitchen? A more functional kitchen? Then don’t hesitate to contact us! We can help you make your dream come true.


Refacing is a relatively new procedure used to renovate kitchen or bathroom cabinets. This method makes it possible to remodel the space, while hanging on to the carcasses (the “boxes” of the cabinets) that are still in good condition. In order to create a whole new kitchen, it’s sufficient to simply overlay the carcasses and change out the doors and handles. Certain changes and additions can also be made to the layout to make your kitchen more functional and attractive. You’ll get a result worthy of a magazine cover for a fraction of the cost of a full renovation. By opting for refacing, you’ll enjoy twice the benefits, as it’s also an extremely eco-responsible method.


The first step in the renovation of your kitchen in Longueuil is to contact us and make an appointment with a kitchen designer. Our expert will come to your residence in Longueuil to discuss your kitchen renovation plans. The designer will take your needs and tastes into consideration to better advise you on the various products that would meet your expectations. Once you’ve made your choices, he or she can give you an estimate in keeping with your budget. You can then visit our store in order to finalize your choices in hardware and other accessories. Afterwards, the refacing work can begin. You’ll be surprised at how quickly we get it done! Your kitchen will undergo a full transformation in just a few days. One more good reason to choose refacing when it’s time to remodel your kitchen in Longueuil. The work won’t drag on and on!


Refacing is a very environmentally friendly method, as it enables retaining the perfectly good carcasses of the cabinets at your residence in Longueuil, replacing only the outdated components. At Eco Cuisine Design, we go to great lengths to protect the environment, avoid waste, limit construction debris and use as many recycled products as possible.

Eco Cuisine Design can offer you a turnkey solution for your kitchen in Longueuil. We can put in your sink and faucets for you, in addition to performing any other work that’s necessary to complete your kitchen renovation. Contact us for an estimate. It would be our pleasure to help you make your dream come true!