Refacing Montreal


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Your kitchen is outdated. And it’s not just your mother-in-law who says so: you think so, too. The kitchen, located on your property in Montreal, is definitely showing its age. Have you heard about refacing? It’s the fastest, most economical and most ecological way to transform your antiquated kitchen into an up-to-date space that will soon become the main gathering place for all your family events. Residents of Montreal, choose refacing and you’ll soon be enjoying a modern kitchen that’s not only low-cost, but also environmentally friendly!


Refacing a kitchen or bathroom is a procedure that reutilizes the carcasses (the “boxes” of the cabinets) in good condition, only replacing the doors and any accessories you’d like to change. As a result, you’ll save money, while still benefitting from a look that’s completely different from that of your old kitchen. Serving the Montreal area, Eco Cuisine Design emphasizes refacing as an economical approach that’s also highly ecological. Because our mission to reduce our ecological footprint is your mission, too!


The refacing process is really quite simple. It all starts with a free visit to your home in Montreal by a kitchen designer, who will evaluate your needs. Have some illustrations handy of the style of kitchen you’re looking for to help our expert put together an estimate to suit your tastes and your budget. Next, come visit our shop to finalize your choices in facing, hardware and so on. The refacing work can then begin. Do you think you’ll have to do without your kitchen for weeks because of the renovation work? You better think again! On the average, our refacing renovations take just two days to be completed. That’s right! There are only advantages to transforming your kitchen in Montreal through refacing!


With utmost concern for the environment, Eco Cuisine Design takes pride in reducing the amount of construction debris as much as possible by using recycled, environmentally friendly products in its kitchen projects in order to limit the use of additional natural resources. That’s why refacing is our method of choice when it comes to offering eco-responsible services to the residents of Montreal. What’s more, we offer a 10- to 12-year warranty on our materials (quartz, granite, laminate, polymer, etc.), all of which are extremely durable.


Eco Cuisine Design offers turnkey solutions: let us worry about installing your handles, lights, sink and faucets so you can start enjoying your new kitchen in Montreal right away. Call us to make your dream come true and leave it to us to promote happiness and wellbeing in your home through refacing!