Refacing South Shore of Montreal


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Does the kitchen at your residence on the South Shore of Montreal need a little freshening up? Is your kitchen really showing its age and you realize that a little breath of fresh air would do it a lot of good? A lot of questions come to mind, but big projects worry you. You’d love a more functional kitchen with a more modern look… but how can you accomplish that without going broke? Contact us at Eco Cuisine Design! We can help you plan your kitchen renovation project. We’re specialists in refacing, serving the South Shore area of Montreal. We can guide you in your renovation project to ensure that your new kitchen lives up to all your expectations.


Refacing is a very effective method of renovating your kitchen at a low cost, while protecting the environment at the same time. This method allows you to retain the carcasses (the “boxes”) of your current kitchen cabinets, only changing the doors. The carcasses are overlaid with a new product and the doors are replaced in order to create an up-to-date kitchen. Certain changes can also be made to the layout of your kitchen in order to make it more functional, such as the addition of an island, more drawers, etc. The possibilities are infinite!


To begin your kitchen renovation project, an Eco Cuisine Design kitchen designer will be happy to meet with you at your residence on the South Shore of Montreal to evaluate your needs and get to know your tastes. Our expert can advise you and give you an estimate based on your budget. After that, you can visit our store in order to finalize your choices in facing, hardware and various accessories. Work on your kitchen can commence as soon as we obtain the doors and necessary accessories. Generally, the work on your kitchen can be completed in just two days! After that, your kitchen will be fully functional again.


Eco Cuisine Design is very concerned about the environment, and refacing is one of the most ecological solutions for renovating the kitchen in your residence on the South Shore of Montreal. Refacing allows us to use the existing carcasses of your kitchen cabinets, thereby reducing the use of new materials. We also use recycled materials and limit construction debris as much as possible. Eco Cuisine Design offers turnkey solutions: the work will be performed at your request and according to your specifications. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to get a free estimate for your kitchen project and watch your dream come true!