Spread Joy

Loyalty program for professionals and individuals
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Renovation professionals, we’ve got you in mind!

Éco Cuisine Design wants to reward our loyal partners who trust us with their business.

By becoming a PRO member of our Spread Joy program, you’ll enjoy exclusive discounts for you and your clients.

You’ll also receive VIP service, including advice and training, so you’ll be the first to find out about new developments here at Éco Cuisine Design.

To learn more about PRO program benefits and discounts, contact us.


Satisfied customers: Spread the joy by recommending Éco Cuisine Design.

Our customers are our best ambassadors, and we wanted to find a way to thank them. That’s why we created the Spread Joy program.

For every new customer you refer to us, you’ll receive a $100 gift card that can be used toward the purchase of Éco Cuisine Design kitchen accessories.

But wait, there’s more! We’ll also give your friend or family member a $250 gift card that can use be used toward the purchase of accessories for their new kitchen at any of our four locations in the greater Montréal area.

It’s the perfect gift to help you make the most of your new kitchen and spread the joy to the people you love.